Land your dream job faster

Land your dream job faster

Become the top choice for every job you apply for

Save hours on each job application

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Resume review

Tailor your resume to the job description. Pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) resume checker and show the recruiter why you are the perfect fit.

Cover letter

Save time. Let artificial intelligence write a personalized cover letter that reads as if written by a human in seconds. Convince the hiring manager to invite you for a job interview.

Interview preparation

Preview and practice job interview questions for your desired role. Receive real-time feedback and sample answers in mock interviews. Refine your responses and gain confidence.

Features designed to make your job search more effective

AI resume review

Professional resume edits that highlight your strengths, tailored to a specific job listing.

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ATS resume checker

Keywords that help your resume pass the employer's automated applicant tracking system resume check.

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AI cover letter generator

Get a personalized cover letter, instantly. Our cover letters don't sound like a robot wrote them.

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Job interview preparation with an AI coach

Job interview questions to prepare for, tailored to a specific role and company.

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Screenshot of likely job interview questions identified during AI interview preparation at JobSearch.Coach

Mock interviews

Practice interview questions out loud to receive real-time actionable feedback.

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Easy to use

No credit card required. There is no complex prompt writing. All you need is your resume draft and a job description.

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💡Is my data safe and secure?

We protect your privacy with industry-standard encryption, in transit and at rest. Your resume and everything you write or say is securely encrypted and never sold. We do not share your data with advertisers, data brokers, or web trackers that follow you around the internet.

We do not store your credit card information. Stripe, our licensed and regulated payment processor, upholds stringent security standards and goes through regular audits.

To save your work, you need an account. You can delete your account at any time. Once the account is deleted, your data is gone forever and cannot be restored. Your account is linked to the email address you provide. Your email address is securely encrypted and never sold. We cannot access your emails or password.

For a detailed explanation of how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy.

💡How is JobSearch.Coach different from the free ChatGPT?

Our AI job search coach:

  1. Delivers more useful and personalized resume edits and cover letters, whereas advice from ChatGPT tends to be more generic.
  2. Is easier to use. All you need is a resume and a job description. To generate acceptable results in this high stakes domain, ChatGPT requires users to write long and sophisticated prompts and engage in back-and-forth chat messages.
  3. Catches more mistakes in resumes and job interviews because it is trained on high-quality data from hiring managers, recruiters, and career coaches.

For more details and examples, read this comparison of JobSearch.Coach with ChatGPT, Copilot, Bard, and Claude.

💡What data does your artificial intelligence use?

Our AI job search coach works with the resume and job description you upload, analyzing them in great detail. It leverages curated advice from hiring managers, recruiters, and career coaches. It also uses exclusive, up-to-date information on the attributes and skills various employers value in candidates, as well as the company-specific terms and phrases they expect. This ensures that you receive top-tier, personalized guidance for your job search. Try it out and take a step towards your next career opportunity!

💡Do I have to pay when I sign up for JobSearch.Coach?

No, you do not have to pay anything when you sign in with your email or create a new account. You do not have to provide your credit card number either. The Free account gives you a limited number of free resume reviews, cover letters, and mock interviews each month. When you are ready for more access, you can upgrade to a paid unlimited plan.

💡How can I use JobSearch.Coach for free?

When you sign in with your email or create a new account, you start automatically with a Free plan that allows you to receive:

No credit card needed.

If you are planning to apply for more jobs, consider upgrading to a paid plan that aligns with your job search goals and budget:

Unlimited: Enjoy unlimited access with a small monthly fee.

Flexible: Pay only for what you use without any recurring charges.

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account.

💡What if I have any other questions or need customer support?

Please email us using our contact form. We are here to help you!