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Try JobSearch.Coach for free. No credit card needed. This is on us:

Then become a top candidate for every job you apply for – by buying unlimited access to the tools that you found useful during your free trial. Save up to $70 if you buy them together.

For a one-time payment, you will be able to get as much AI assistance as you need until you land your dream job.

Help with all your job applications: Save hundreds of dollars and get more value compared to human resume writers. For example, Find My Profession charges $395-995 for one resume and $100-149 for one cover letter. JobSearch.Coach provides unlimited resumes, cover letters, and interview practice for several times less.

Buy now, pay later: Instead of paying the full price now, you can also pay later, or in small installments. You can decide what works the best for you at checkout, after you click on the blue "Pay" button above.

Transparent pricing: There are no additional charges and no annoying subscriptions with auto-renewals that you have to remember to cancel.

Free student accounts: If you are a student, you may already have a free account through your school. Please ask your university career center if they offer JobSearch.Coach.

Beyond personal use: We also have specialized offerings for businesses and organizations.

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Amazing service. It helps you understand how your CV matches the job description and helps you improve what is missing or what you should take away because it is not meaningful for that job description. It helped me tailor my CV for several applications, and I landed several interviews.

JobSearch.Coach brought my cover letter 95% of the way to where I wanted it. It was much easier to tweak a word or two than to write the whole thing from scratch.

It gave me answers they wanted to hear. I got a job offer!


💡Can I use JobSearch.Coach for free?

Yes, you can evaluate all our AI tools for free. No credit card needed. When you sign up, you receive for free:

💡What can I do when I run out of the free quota?

You can get AI help with all your job applications by upgrading to a paid plan. Just click on the blue "Pay" button above and use the secure checkout powered by Stripe. Be sure to use the same email you have registered with on JobSearch.Coach for seamless access. Your subscription activates instantly, granting you uninterrupted access to all the AI tools you need to get hired for up to a year.

💡If I run out of the free quota, can I start a new free trial using a different email address?

Unfortunately, no. That would go against our Terms of Service, and both of your accounts would be terminated if you attempted that.

Instead, consider the value you are getting from JobSearch.Coach. Many of our paying customers have found jobs they love within 2 months, typically earning back their investment during the very first hour of their new position.

💡How does billing work?

Billing is straightforward and transparent:

Pay once. Then enjoy unlimited personal use until you find a job you love and accept the job offer (1 year max).

There are no recurring charges.

The payments may appear on your bank/card statement as: "JOBSEARCH.COACH", "JOBSEARCHC", or "JobSearch.Coach, part of Infinia Science Company".

💡Can I use my account for business purposes or share it with others?

Only with a Professional plan. Otherwise, you can use your account only for your own job applications. Please explore our Professional plans for career coaches, university career centers, recruiting firms, and other organizations.

💡What payment methods can I use?

We welcome all major credit cards and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and China UnionPay. You can also use Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App Pay, Alipay, Link, EPS, and giropay. We also support the following "Buy now, pay later" services: Klarna, Afterpay / Clearpay, Affirm.

💡Can I buy now, pay later?

Yes. Instead of paying the full amount now, you can spread it over a longer period - and pay just a couple of dollars per month. Depending on your location, you can choose among the following options after you click on the blue "Pay" button on this page:

💡Can I subscribe to JobSearch.Coach from outside the United States?

Yes, JobSearch.Coach is accessible worldwide. Your credit card provider should handle any currency conversion automatically if needed.

💡Will I be charged sales tax / VAT?

Taxes such as sales tax or VAT are calculated automatically based on the billing address you provide.

💡How can I cancel my subscription?

After you accept your job offer, you do not have to cancel anything because you pay only once, without recurring monthly charges.

💡What if I need JobSearch.Coach again in the future?

Your payment gives you an unlimited access for an entire year. If your first job does not work out, you can use JobSearch.Coach to land a better job. And when you are ready to explore new job opportunities again in a couple of years, using the same email address as before will restore access to your historical data.

💡Is my data safe?

We protect your privacy with industry-standard encryption, in transit and at rest. We do not store your credit card information. Stripe, our licensed and regulated payment processor, upholds stringent security standards which you can review at The email address you provide is your private link to our services, securely encrypted and never sold. We cannot access your emails or password. For a detailed explanation of how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy.

💡What if I have any other questions or need help?

Please email us at If you experience any billing issues, please include any relevant details, including the email address you used to subscribe and sign in. Do not include any passwords. We are here to help you.