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Greater employability: Our advanced artificial intelligence ensures your students are better prepared for the competitive job market. By suggesting highly specific resume edits and drafting the first version of their cover letters, it teaches them how to tailor their key job search documents to specific job listings.

Higher student engagement: Many students are left behind because they cannot find a timely appointment with overworked career advisors or because they are too introverted to meet in-person. JobSearch.Coach offers a low-cost and scalable way to provide remote personalized support to everyone on campus–including students more comfortable to talk to ChatGPT than a real person.

More efficient career services: Career centers are usually short-staffed. JobSearch.Coach's automation of repetitive tedious tasks allows career advisors to assist a larger number of students. Spending less time on resume and interview basics will free up more time for strategic projects.

High return on investment: For the price of a single 30-minute consultation, you can help 17 students become high-quality job applicants. A free trial with no upfront costs makes it easy for career centers to evaluate the platform's effectiveness. Then pay only when students actively use the product, while never exceeding your budget.

Best-in-class privacy and security: Students' resumes and personal information remain confidential and securely encrypted. We neither sell our users' data nor share it with advertisers. Universities can also opt out from using their data to train AI, which makes it a safer option than ChatGPT that your students are already using on their own.

Continuous innovation: Adopting the latest AI technology will turn your career center into an innovation hub and allow you to accomplish what you could not do until now. For example, you will be able to offer comprehensive interview preparation for each desired role and company, a task that would otherwise consume too much time for career advisors or alumni.


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