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Higher fill rate: Increase the number of your candidates approved by hiring managers. Our advanced artificial intelligence ensures that each resume recruiters send to the hiring manager is tailored to specific job requirements, company culture, and ATS. Scalable AI interview preparation also makes your candidates more likely to pass through the interviews.

Unrivaled ROI: Invest just a few dollars per candidate to unlock elusive placements that will earn you thousands. A free trial with no upfront costs makes it easy for recruiting firms to evaluate the platform's effectiveness. Then pay only when you actively use the product, without any annoying subscriptions.

Long-term growth: Differentiate your company from thousands of other recruiting agencies and staffing firms by exceptional candidate experience. Satisfied candidates are future hiring managers who will bring repeat business.

Greater efficiency: JobSearch.Coach significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive tedious tasks, such as re-writing candidates' weak resumes, summarizing their strengths for the hiring manager, or going through interview basics. This allows recruiters to focus more on higher-value activities.

Easy integration with your workflows: JobSearch.Coach is extremely easy to use. Without time-consuming setup or onboarding, you can provide it as a self-service to candidates or use it on their behalf.


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