I'm Andrej Tusicisny, the founder of JobSearch.Coach. Our AI tools are helping job seekers from all around the world land their dream jobs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

As a manager at Google and a serial AI startup founder, I've always cared about helping people grow their careers. Back when I was at Google, I established a company-wide mentorship program and made our hiring faster and more inclusive.

I started JobSearch.Coach after many of my friends lost their jobs due to layoffs when the global tech industry was decimated in 2023. Some sent out hundreds of job applications, only to land – and mostly fail – a few job interviews. How do you stand out if you're competing with 300 equally qualified candidates for each job? And who has time to research every company and write awesome application materials if you have to apply to hundreds of jobs?

Founder of JobSearch.Coach

After talking to dozens of job seekers as they were navigating the tough job market, I realized my expertise in building AI products could solve some of their biggest headaches:

Since we launched, we've been hard at work improving both the AI assistance and overall user experience. Our latest exciting update: we now also collaborate with university career centers, extending our personalized AI support to thousands more students and alumni.

While JobSearch.Coach was born in Boulder, Colorado, we're a remote-first company. That means giving our team the trust and flexibility to get stuff done wherever they work best.

What users are saying about JobSearch.Coach

Amazing service. It helps you understand how your CV matches the job description and helps you improve what is missing or what you should take away because it is not meaningful for that job description. It helped me tailor my CV for several applications, and I landed several interviews.

I have paid for Kickresume and Teal resume AI and both were just average. JobSearch.Coach will tell you exactly what you need to have and the ATS words missing and generate sentences for you.

JobSearch.Coach brought my cover letter 95% of the way to where I wanted it. It was much easier to tweak a word or two than to write the whole thing from scratch.

It gave me answers they wanted to hear. I got a job offer!