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You have worked hard with your clients to write strong resumes. But do they optimize those initial resumes for various job applications? Are they missing out on interviews by sending out your resume unchanged? Are you missing out on revenue by having only a handful of interactions with each client?

More job offers for your clients: JobSearch.Coach offers revolutionary AI tools that suggest tailored resume edits and draft personalized cover letters for specific job descriptions. It takes only minutes for a professional career coach to adjust them. Empower your clients to stand out in every job application!

More business for you: With our easy-to-use AI tools, you can keep clients engaged with your career coaching services and provide continuous value over time. And, as AI gets you 95% of the way, you can support a larger number of clients.

A more rewarding job: Spend less time on tedious editing and more on in-depth, personalized coaching. Our AI tools handle the heavy lifting, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Stay ahead of the curve: Incorporate the latest in AI technology into your career coaching arsenal. Our solutions are designed to augment your expertise, not replace it.


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