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Interview questions to prepare for

Being surprised by an interview question you have not prepared for can end your candidacy even in the last interview round. Our AI will give you a list of job interview questions predicted for your specific role and company.

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Mock interviews with expert feedback

Many job seekers struggle due to a lack of interview feedback: Was their answer good or bad? With our AI coach, you can practice interview questions out loud, and get kind, constructive, confidential feedback on your answers.

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Suggested answers during mock interviews

One of our most requested features: the AI will rewrite your answer and show you how to exactly improve it while drawing on the experiences from your resume and best practices, such as the S.T.A.R. method.

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💡How does your AI job interview preparation tool work?

1. Upload your resume and job description.
2. Click on "Show interview questions".
3. Click on the interview question you want to practice.
4. Click on the "Start recording" button and answer the interview question the best you can.
5. Try again after reading the AI feedback.

💡Can anyone listen to my mock interviews?

No. We protect your privacy with industry-standard encryption, in transit and at rest. And your voice recordings are automatically deleted after the interview session.

💡Do I have to pay when I sign up for JobSearch.Coach?

No, you do not have to pay anything when you sign in with your email or create a new account. You do not have to provide your credit card number either. A free trial gives you a certain number of free mock interviews, resume reviews, and AI-generated cover letters. If you need more AI assistance, you can upgrade to a paid plan later.