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The instantly received edits will align your resume with the job requirements, company culture, and employer keywords

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Resume tailored to the job you want

Professional resume edits that highlight your strengths, optimized for a specific job listing.

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Quick ATS resume checker

Keywords that help your resume pass the employer's automated applicant tracking system resume check (ATS).

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Easy to use

No lengthy forms. No need to write prompts or talk to a chatbot. No hallucinations. No credit card required.

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💡How does your AI resume review work?

1. Upload the latest version of your resume or CV in either Word (.docx) or PDF format.
2. Copy and paste the job description for the position you're interested in.
3. Click on "Optimize your resume".
After 30-60 seconds, our artificial intelligence will explain how to best align your resume with the hiring manager's expectations. You will receive a prioritized list of very specific resume edits that you can copy and paste into your resume.

💡Do I have to pay when I sign up for this resume review service?

No, you do not have to pay anything when you sign in with your email or create a new account. You do not have to provide your credit card number either. A free trial gives you a certain number of free resume reviews, cover letters, and mock interviews. If you need more AI assistance, you can upgrade to a paid plan later.

💡Do you help job seekers in all industries?

Yes, with one exception: Our online resume review is meant for industry resumes, not academic CVs that university professors need. Our users have landed jobs in software engineering, data science and analytics, project management, sales, marketing, customer support, HR, IT, nonprofit management, healthcare, government, and many other fields. Our resume critique has helped everyone from students looking for an internship, to mid-career professionals, to executives with three decades of work experience.

💡Is my private information safe?

We protect your privacy with industry-standard encryption, in transit and at rest. Your resume and everything you write or say is securely encrypted and never sold. We do not share your data with advertisers, data brokers, or web trackers that follow you around the internet.

We do not store your credit card information. Stripe, our licensed and regulated payment processor, upholds stringent security standards and goes through regular audits.

You can delete your account at any time. Once the account is deleted, your data is gone forever and cannot be restored. Your account is linked to the email address you provide. Your email address is securely encrypted and never sold. We cannot access your emails or password.

💡Why do you believe JobSearch.Coach is better than ChatGPT, Teal, Jobscan, or TopResume?

There are several reasons why JobSearch.Coach is currently the best resume review service:

Our users like the consistent quality of the suggested resume edits and how much more comprehensive the AI resume feedback is. JobSearch.Coach suggests and explains specific resume edits that you can copy and paste into your resume. They are optimized for your desired role and employer. Extensive tests have shown that our artificial intelligence catches a wider range of resume errors than competitors. Users also appreciate that JobSearch.Coach is not plagued by "hallucinations" (i.e., fabricated achievements or credentials).

To give you a glimpse behind the scenes, our AI is trained on high-quality advice from hiring managers, recruiters, and career coaches. It also leverages exclusive, up-to-date insights into the attributes and skills that various employers prioritize in candidates, as well as the company-specific terms and phrases they expect. This ensures that each resume analysis is laser-focused on the job you are applying for.

Our AI resume review service is also easier and faster to use. You do not need to guess the right prompts, talk to a chatbot, or fill out long forms. All you need is your draft resume and the job posting you want to optimize it for.

If you are considering paying someone to make your resume better: A professional resume reviewer can cost you anywhere between $150 and $4,500. Typically, you would have to wait several days for the results. With JobSearch.Coach, you get professional resume help for much less, and in seconds, not days.

Try it out for yourself for free: you have nothing to lose!

💡Is JobSearch.Coach a good alternative to Indeed Resume Review?

Yes, JobSearch.Coach offers several advantages over Indeed Resume Review. With JobSearch.Coach, you can customize your resume or CV for as many job applications as you want for a single one-time fee. In contrast, Indeed charges you separately for each resume review. For example, if you apply for a data analyst job at Apple on Monday and a data engineer position at OpenAI on Tuesday, you would have to pay twice with Indeed.

JobSearch.Coach is also more affordable. With Indeed, a single 10-minute video reviewing your resume without any resume edits costs $35. To get a real resume revision, you have to pay $155. With JobSearch.Coach, you get an unlimited number of resume reviews with editorial suggestions tailored to each job description for just $49.

Moreover, JobSearch.Coach is faster than Indeed Resume Review. You receive the results in under one minute, whereas if you pay an Indeed resume reviewer, you have to wait at least 1-3 days. This delay can push your job application to the bottom of the pile as more people apply for the same job while you are waiting.

💡Can JobSearch.Coach check if my resume is ATS friendly?

Yes. To make your resume ATS friendly, our ATS resume checker will first analyze the job description and then identify missing keywords you need to add to your resume, so it can pass the employer's automated applicant tracking system resume check. As part of your comprehensive resume evaluation, you may also receive other advice on how to increase your resume's ATS compliance.

💡How do I improve my resume after receiving an AI resume review?

Our AI job search coach will give you a prioritized list of concrete edits that will not only improve your resume or CV, but also tailor it to a specific job description. Here is a typical example of resume feedback you might get:

Showcase your understanding and management of profit margins, as this is a key qualification listed in the job description. Include specific achievements that demonstrate your expertise. For example: "Optimized sales strategies to increase profit margins by 10% through a combination of cost reduction initiatives and premium product upselling."

You can simply copy and paste the suggested edits you like into your resume file in MS Word or Google Docs.

💡Do you write resumes from scratch?

No, we don't. Instead, our artificial intelligence will improve your existing resume and fix any errors. It will also compare your resume to the job description and tell you what to change to make you a stronger candidate for that particular job posting. Additionally, it will scan your resume for any missing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) keywords relevant to the job.

💡Can I use your AI resume review on a mobile device?

Yes, JobSearch.Coach is optimized for mobile use. You can receive resume help and tailor your resume on a smartphone or tablet just as easily as on a laptop.

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