JobSearch.Coach unveils a new FREE plan, democratizing AI in job search

2024-01-01 by Andrej Tusicisny


I am super excited to announce that JobSearch.Coach, a pioneering force in AI-powered job application assistance, has added a free tier to make its cutting-edge artificial intelligence more accessible to a wider range of job seekers.

We previously offered a 7-day free trial followed by a paid subscription. Unfortunately, not all users who loved the product during the free trial were able to afford the subscription. We had some users who created two or three new Gmail accounts just so they could sign up for another free trial with us. It was clear that a change was needed.

That is why I am introducing a game-changing Free plan. Each month, everyone can receive at no cost:

This is a fundamental shift: the free offering is no longer about offering a time-limited free trial, but about providing ongoing free access to essential AI job application tools—as much as our company can afford given the high costs of developing and running artificial intelligence.

For those openly on the job market, the Unlimited plan offers, well, unlimited AI feedback. It is the same subscription plan as our customers used and enjoyed in 2023, now available for less money. For instance, the price in the United States has been reduced to $19.99. All existing paying customers have been automatically transitioned to the new lower price, requiring no further action on their part.

The Flexible plan is a novel addition, ideal for currently employed individuals exploring new opportunities. At $1.99 per AI output (in the U.S.) with no recurring charges, occasional users pay only for the services they need. Although the Unlimited plan offers better value for those applying to multiple jobs per month (with our current customers averaging over 10 job applications), the Flexible plan is ideal for people looking to test the waters without committing to a monthly subscription.

Another change is that we now offer discounted prices in several large markets with significantly lower average salaries, such as India or South Africa. If this experiment works out, we may lower prices in more countries in the future.

In a world where artificial intelligence increasingly influences our careers, JobSearch.Coach is leading the way in making AI job search tools available to everyone. We aim to help more job seekers from diverse backgrounds successfully navigate the challenging job market by offering our AI tools for free and providing flexible pricing options.